Packaging Solutions


Our experienced in-house packaging team provide a variety of packaging solutions to fit your needs. Our solutions range from custom packaging, contract assembly packaging, promotional packaging and rework. With a wide range of material and all hand packed you can be certain your goods can be packaged safely and in a timely manner.

Custom Packaging

Items of all sizes and types are packed by experienced hands with a variety of materials to ensure item is well protected whilst minimizing costs and waste.

Contract Assembly Packaging

We are well experienced in assembly line packaging ensuring that your goods are packaged in the most efficient way possible whilst maintaining a high quality of work

Promotional packaging

Looking to make your item stand out during a promotional period? We can alter your packaging to suit your requirements to get the best out of your marketing campaign


If any changes need to made on an existing product we can provide swift solution to get your product back on the market.

To find out more about our packaging solutions please contact us.